Ever since the 1950’s there has always been a fairly healthy numbers of scooters in Jersey. Early days saw mainly series 2 Lambrettas with the occasional Vespa imports for private ownership only. Along came the 1960’s and the new improved Series 3 models were bought up in increasingly fashionable times by first generation Mods along with bike hire shops and commercial organisations such as the post office plus our local electricity and sewage boards. This continued into the 70’s with Serveta Jet 200’s still being used by the Jersey electricity company.

Over the years beginning in the later 70’s a group of us have evolved into today’s scooter club. Our main concern is the restoration of any bikes we already own (which is almost all) and the search for any undiscovered gems that do still very occasionally crop up out of disused farm buildings dotted around the countryside.

We regularly attend rallies in the UK and France

Scooters are in our blood so if any of you like-minded two wheelers out there stumble across our website please say hello, we would love to hear from you………